Organic Coconut Milk-400ml
Organic Coconut Milk-400ml Organic Coconut Milk-400ml
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Organic Coconut Milk-400ml

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Golden Harvest Organic Coconut Milk-400ml

The Sri Lankans treasure the cow similarly to the Indians and for them, drinking coconut milk instead of cow milk comes naturally. Coconut milk has been packed in cans and exported for over 65 years. There are many types of coconut milk qualities in the market. The majority of the coconut milk found in mainstream supermarkets is not pure and not organic. Many non-organic additives are inserted into coconut milk in order to add weight, manipulate taste and mimic a coconut consistency. Upon discovering that fact. the Golden Harvest  sourcing team flew around the tropics searching for the highest quality of canned coconut milk. We visited Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. The conclusion was simple; the purer the coconut milk, the better the smell & consistency.

Type: Coconut Range